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  1. All submissions are required to be made online at the editorial e-mail address ( All submitted manuscripts are processed and published free of charge.
  2. Each submitted manuscript will be assigned a unique identification number, which will be communicated to the authors by e-mail for the tracking of their manuscript’s peer reviewprogress in the section "Tracking of the manuscript status" on the official website of the journal (
  3. The initial assessment of the manuscript is carried out by the managing editor and takes up to 1 week.
  4. If the paper is not within the scope of the journal, it may be rejected without being reviewed any further.
  5. If the manuscript is appropriate for the journal, at the second stage of peer review it will be screened for originality using the Antiplagiarism licensed software ( screening process will take up to 1 week.
  6. If the originality of the manuscript is less than 80% according to the screening results, the manuscript will be rejected with a written notification of the authors. The rejection procedure is carried out in accordance with the COPE guidelines (
  7. If the manuscript’s originality is 80% or more, it will go through the formatting check within 1 week timeby the managing editor according to the “Instructions for authors” of the journal ( compiled on the basis of the "Recommendations for the Conduct, Reporting, Editing, and Publication of Scholarly Work in Medical Journals ", issued by the International Committee of Medical Journal Editors (
  8. If the manuscript does not conform to the prescribed format, it will be returned to the authors; two weeks will be given for reformatting of the paper based on the editor’s comments.
  9. If the authors do not meet the deadline for resubmission after reformatting, the managing editor will send a reminder giving the authors an additional 1 week for resubmission. The authors may wish to withdraw their manuscript from further peer review if they are unable to make the required corrections. If the manuscript is not withdrawn by the authors thereafter, it will be rejected without being further processed.
  10. If the manuscript follows the guidelines and meets all requirements of the journal, the editor-in-chief will appoint 3 members of the editorial board or the editorial council to review the paper, undertaking all measures to prevent potential conflict of interest between the authors and reviewers. Our journal uses single-blind peer review. The review period is up to 2 months.
  11. The managing editor will forward all remarks of the reviewers to the authors for the necessary corrections to be made.
  12. The authors will be given 2 months to amend and resubmit the manuscript according to the comments of the reviewers.
  13. The corrected manuscript will be sent to reviewers for post-revision review. If amendments are approved by the reviewers, the corrected manuscript will be submitted to the editorial board for consideration.
  14. The authors have the right to disagree with the reviewers’ comments, but they are required to justify their position, which will be considered by the editorial board.
  15. After approval by the editorial board, the manuscript will be submitted for translation into English by a professional medical translator, which may take up to 1 week.
  16. The translated version of the paper will be checked for originality using one of the licensed antiplagiarism software in English. If the originality of the manuscript is 80% or more, the manuscript will be sent for typographic formatting within 1 week time.