doi: 10.25005/2074-0581-2012-14-2-147-150
Analysis of pregnant women morbidity, such as research microelement status of women's population living in districts of town Lipetsk with different atnropotehnogenic load

S.V. Buryakov, A.V. Gulin

Analysis of women's health in town Lipetsk revealed the dependence of incidence of the female population on the degree of air pollution. Women’s microelementar status living in different parts of the city was investigated.

The studies revealed that levels of plumbum and cadmium in blood of Lipetsk residents in some cases exceed the level defined by WHO as dangerous to the health and life. Knowledge of the basic sources of heavy metals admission in blood, the major toxic properties and the development of effective measures to eliminate the negative effects of these harmful chemicals on human body is a very important problem for modern society.

Keywords: microelementar status of women , air pollution.

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