doi: 10.25005/2074-0581-2013-15-1-50-53
Reconstruction of extended urethral stricture at lichen sclerosis

H.H. Rizoev, R.S. Mirakov, B.Ch. Sangov, R.G. Shanbezoda

Chair of Urology Avicenna TSMU

The authors give the results of a study 21 patients with extensive urethral stricture - the most complex pathologies in terms of urethra reconstruction. This paper presents new ways of effective reconstruction of scar-modified part of urethra using a free buccal mucosa flap.

All interventions were performed under spinal anesthesia, with subsequent transfer to endotracheal anesthesia. In all cases complete healing of the flap is observed and urination is restored.

Summarizing the first’s results of operations, the authors recommend: graft of buccal mucosa - the most preferred material and effective method of surgical treatment of extensive urethral strictures.

Keywords: urethra, lichen sclerosis, buccal flap , urethroplasty , urethral stricture.

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