doi: 10.25005/2074-0581-2013-15-1-23-27
Surgical treatment of calculous cholecystitis in patients with diffuse liver disease

K.M. Kurbonov, K.R. Nazirboev

Chair of surgical diseases №1 Avicenna TSMU

The paper presents a comparative analysis of surgical treatment, the study of blood chemistry and the hemostatic system of homeostasis in 58 patients with calculous cholecystitis (RX) on the background of diffuse liver disease.

Study of biochemical blood analysis showed in 92% of cases is noted an increase of cytolytic enzymes level (ALT - 28,90±8,62 U / L and AST - 119,70±7,22 U / L). In addition, the changes in biochemical indicators of blood, depending on severity of morphological changes in gall bladder and liver are observed. This indicates that in calculous cholecystitis with diffuse liver diseases the profound disturbances of hemostatic parameters of homeostasis took place. These disturbances are the risk factors for intra-and postoperative bleeding from the gallbladder bed, which requires selecting the best method of hemostasis.

The optimal treatment for CC, combined with diffuse liver disease is videolaparoscopic cholecystectomy with biological methods of hemostasis and interventions that improve liver function.

Keywords: calculous cholecystitis, diffuse liver disease, local hemostasis, cholecystectomy.

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