doi: 10.25005/2074-0581-2015-17-1-25-28
Endoscopic interventions in obturation intestinal obstruction ofleft-sided colon

S.V. Artukhov, K.G. Kubachyov, N.D. Muhiddinov*

St-Petersburg Budget Institution of Healthcare «Alexander Hospital»
Chair of Surgery named after N.D. Monastirski SZGMU named after II. Mechnikov, St-Petersburg, Russia
* Chair of General Surgery №1 Avicenna TSMU, Tajikistan

Based on analysis of 2200 patients with obturation intestinal obstruction on the background of colon cancer the place and role of endoscopy are shown.

Urgent fibrocolonoscopy was performed to124 (12,1%) patients with cancer of the left sided colon complicated by acute intestinal obstruction. Cancer of the left third of the transverse colon was revealed at 11, splenic flexure - at 26, the descending colon - at 33, the sigmoid colon - 47, rectal sigmoid part - 38 and rectum - in 29 patients. In 17 (13,7%) patients it was possible torecanalizedstenosing tumor and eliminate intestinal obstruction. Delayed fibrocolonoscopy (n = 221) was performed on 5 - 8 hours after the formation of double-barrel colostomy for exact diagnosis or biopsy for histological examination.

Performing of urgent colonoscopy in patients with colonic obstruction allows to set its cause and the level of obstruction.

Keywords: colon cancer, colon obstruction, colon cancer , obturation intestinal obstruction.

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