doi: 10.25005/2074-0581-2015-17-4-30-34
Recurrent hepatic echinococcosis

A.I. Jaborov, A.N. Kakharov, J.M. Kurbanov

The department of operative surgery and topographic anatomy Avicenna TSMU

The article presents the results of surgical treatment 22 patients with recurrent hepatic echinococcosis. some causes of hepatic echinococcosis recurrenceare established, as well as the results of various operating procedures for the prevention of postoperative complications and recurrence of the disease. During total pericystectomy by plasma scalpel revealed the presence of a weakly developed echinococcuscyst (EC) under the fibrous capsule, which is one of the causes of recurrence of liver echinococcosis. In our observation in22 cases of recurrent EC is localized in the residual cavity (RC) and in 15 (68,2%) - outside of fibrous capsule at a distance of 5 cm, or was in the parenchyma of the liver under the fibrous capsule of main parasitic cysts.

Keywords: recurrent hydatidcyst of the liver, pericystectomy, fibrous capsule , plasma scalpel.

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